Stewardship investing

At CDPQ, we believe that environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters should not be seen as constraints. They are an opportunity to generate sustainable growth that benefits everyone. 


2018 Stewardship Investing Report

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Our main focal areas

Climate change

Climate change is impacting the world more than ever, resulting in human, environmental and economic consequences. As a long-term investor, we believe this issue is a major priority. 

Inspired by the Paris Agreement, our investment strategy to address climate change is one way we can contribute to the transition toward a low-carbon economy. 

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Sustainable development

In 2019, we published the fourth edition of our Sustainable Development Action Plan, comprising 27 actions over a two-year period.

We are also among the first institutional investors to integrate the United Nation's six Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

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In addition to including ESG factors in our investment analyses and decision-making processes, we continuously engage in our shareholder role. 

Each year, we have discussions with portfolio companies about topics that concern us, including executive compensation and diversity.

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International taxation

We believe tax issues are particularly important, and we support various international initiatives to address them.

The tax practices of the companies we invest in must be appropriate and non-abusive. When considering an investment, we analyze tax practices in the same way we analyze risk. 

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Our objective
Our objective

We want to help address the challenges society faces and show that commercial interests are compatible with the public interest. To have a greater impact, we play a leadership role in engaging our partners on our priorities.

Our approach to stewardship investing

  • Global approach
    Integrate our approach into the centre of our decision-making process for the overall portfolio and our activities
  • Priority: Climate
    Deploy an ambitious and structured strategy to contribute to the transition toward a low-carbon global economy
  • Focal areas
    In addition to the climate, focus our actions on governance, diversity, international tax and community involvement
  • Leadership
    Engage our partners on a collective and constructive commitment to community sustainability
  • Centralizing expertise
    Consolidate our expertise in a group dedicated to stewardship investing