Photo ofFrançois Duquette.

François Duquette

Managing Director and Co-Head, Private Equity

François Duquette has been Managing Director and Co-Head, Private Equity since December 2019. In this role, he co-leads direct investment and private equity co-investments, including overseeing strategy and planning, for activities outside of Quebec. The teams he manages are responsible for initiating, executing and monitoring transactions, primarily in Europe and Asia Pacific. He works with his teams and CDPQ’s partners to create value by ensuring consistency throughout all aspects of investments. He also sits on the International Private Equity Investment Committee.

Mr. Duquette joined CDPQ in 2015 and held the role of Vice-President, Legal Affairs, Investment. He is a highly skilled negotiator, having overseen the legal aspect of international private equity investments for several years. Before joining CDPQ, he was a Partner at Allen & Overy, an international law firm where he specialized in mergers and acquisitions. During his years with the firm, he worked in their offices in Montréal, Toronto, Paris, Abu Dhabi and Casablanca.

Mr. Duquette holds a Bachelor’s in Civil Law (BCL) and a Juris Doctor (JD) from McGill University. He is a member of the Barreaux du Québec and the Bar of England and Wales.